Indoor, Remote Air Quality Monitoring

Increasingly municiple and government facilities are required to monitor air quality. Yet the cost of managing and maintaining these units can be prohibitive.

All of these requirements add cost and complexity to the installation process. Plus, the systems are left at the mercy of the local environment.
For many commercial applications, there is a need for a battery powered monitoring system that can be bolted to a wall in a matter of minutes, with no reliance on the local network or power source.

The IoTini BSS-1000 meets these requirements. The hardened case can be mounted quickly, and low powered LTE-M (or LoRa) technology has an excellent power profile with game-changing range.

Long Battery Life

Highly optimized power management for multi-year performance on a single charge.

Ruggedized Enclosure

Ruggedized case with hardened silicone shell can withstand knocks and bangs.

Complete IAQ Profile

Monitor temp, humidity, air pressure and TVOC (including CO2).

Additional Inputs
  • General analog inputs.
  • Have service techs ‘check in’ with Bluetooth.
  • Monitor standing water or specialized gases.
End-to-end system

Plug in the BSS-1000 and begin seeing data in the IoTini App or Dashboard in minutes.

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