Porta-Porty Monitoring

Portable toilets are crucial for many remote sites and business. Yet the cost of managing and maintaining these units can be prohibitive.

The BSS-1000 from IoTini is a hardened, battery-powered remote monitor which includes GPS and orientation (in case it tips over!).

What the BSS-1000 can report

  • Quality Condition

    If the unit is unusually ‘ripe’ via the TVOC measurements and schedule service.

  • Orientation

    If the unit is upright or has been vandelized/knocked over.

  • Location

    The precise location of the unit (GPS).

Use the Bluetooth connectivity to automatically verify service visits.

Long Battery Life

Highly optimized power management for multi-year performance on a single charge.

Ruggedized Enclosure

Ruggedized case is water, weather resistant built with hardened silicone shell.

Complete IAQ Profile

Monitor temp, humidity, air pressure and TVOC (including offensive odors).

Additional Inputs
  • Track location with GPS.
  • Have service techs ‘check in’ with Bluetooth.
  • Monitor orientation with gyroscope.
End-to-end system

Plug in the BSS-1000 and begin seeing data in the IoTini App or Dashboard in minutes.

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