Portable Storage Tracking

The market for on-demand portable storage is exploding. People love their stuff, and want to keep track of it, even when it’s in storage. Combined with today’s “App” Generation, there are two business opportunity for storage providers.

Real-time reporting

With IoTini’s Portable Storage Monitoring system, a storage provider could charge consumers for a value-added service to track the location and status of their portable storage unit. Location, temp, humidity – all available to the consumer on a branded smartphone App.

Automated Inventory Management

The same system can automate the storage provider’s own system. Particularly for ‘cool storage’ units, now the provider can track field inventory and the status of all units in the field from a single dashboard.

Long Battery Life

Highly optimized power management for multi-year performance on a single charge.

Ruggedized Enclosure

Ruggedized case is water, weather resistant built with hardened silicone shell.

Complete IAQ Profile

Monitor temp, humidity, air pressure and TVOC (including offensive odors).

White-label (branded) app

Offer customers a branded smartphone App to monitor their own units.

End-to-end system

Plug in the BSS-1000 and begin seeing data in the IoTini App or Dashboard in minutes.

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