Ruggedized, Battery-Powered Tank Monitoring

Tank monitoring is a relatively basic application – until the tank is remote. Then connectivity, power and access issues come into play.

Introducing the BSS-1000 tank monitoring system from IoTini.

Built in a hardened, weather-resistant shell, the unit is extremely low power with an extended battery profile which can last years.

Included in cellular connectivity via LTE-M which has extended range for the most difficult locations. Monitor tank levels or fluid temperature, and combine with ambient environmental data.

Long Battery Life

Highly optimized power management for multi-year performance on a single charge.

Ruggedized Enclosure

Ruggedized case is water, weather resistant built with hardened silicone shell.

Integrated Notifications

Configure notification and alarm levels. Be notified via SMS or email.

Support third party probes

Use an existing probe or thermistor, or choose your own. Easily customized and configured.

End-to-end system

Plug in the BSS-1000 and begin seeing data in the IoTini App or Dashboard in minutes.

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