Products that simplify the internet of things.

IoTini designs and manufactures cloud connected wireless products for industrial automation, measurement, and process control.

We develop robust solutions for a variety of applications including: Farming, Last Mile Mobility, Health and Wellness, and Smart Buildings.

Team of highly skilled engineers

Our roots are deep in wireless sensor applications.

We have developed hundreds of customized products including hardware, firmware, cloud connectivity with mid and back end servers, dashboards and mobile apps.

We Optimize the operational efficiency of your assets

With IoTini you can track performance, get alarms if something is wrong, and even program your equipment from anywhere.


Wide family of sensors and flexible hardware configurations with analog and digital inputs.


Wireless cloud sensor platform with customizable Dashboards and Apps.


Ease of use & Integration (no engineers needed).


Leading edge wireless technology experts. We can help you sort out and implement LoRa, LTE-CATx, BLE and more.

a Proven solution