Frequently asked questions

Who’s behind IoTini?

A group of multi-disciplinary engineers each with decades of experience developing military, industrial, commercial, and consumer electronic products and systems. Most everything we do leverages our experience with wireless technology. We built and patented some of the first smart bike systems used for bike share and two wheel mobility applications learning the details about scaling cell connected mobile sensors. From there, over the last few years, we’ve leveraged this knowledge, merged in new wireless technologies, and created connected sensors and asset trackers for many other applications.

Why work with IoTini?

We have the detailed knowledge from hardware to cloud to end user experience to map out and optimize custom solutions. The goal is to simplify IoT for our customers. We create robust commercial and scalable solutions. Our team’s goal is to make your job easier and let you focus on running your business with the monitor and control capability you need through plug and play solutions.

Where are you located?

Our hardware development is done in San lose (Silicon Valley, CA) where we have a fully equipped lab. Our global team includes firmware, backend, UI & graphic arts, and app development resources in Bangalore, Amsterdam, and Medellin Colombia.

What can’t you do?

We’re pretty versatile but we also like working with other product development teams particularly when it comes to Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, and Product Marketing. We have relationships with many firms and also options in the US and overseas for assembly and manufacturing from low volume prototype to high volume mass production

Do you still have questions?

We have answers. If you have questions feel free to send us an email to [email protected]

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