I2OT Solution

I2OT is the first industrial wireless sensor system that provides a total solution for industrial sensing needs. It is finally bringing together all new communication and sensing technologies to allow a low cost reliable IoT system



GPS and Battery

Integrated gateway with GPS & highly optimized battery



Wide family of sensors and flexible hardware configurations with analog and digital inputs



Wide Area Network connectivity

(LTE-M, LTE, LoRa & Ethernet)



Wireless Cloud Sensor Platform customizable from the ground up



Ease of use & Integration

(no engineers needed)



NEMA-rated industrial sealed weatherproof hardware

how it works

No hassle frustration free configuration

Pick your Sensors

Pick from a wide family of sensors to load your I2OT gateway

Configure it

Use IoTini's I2OT dashboard wizard to configure your user and sensor options

Yay! Done.

That's it! Your data will automatically be logged into the cloud. You can access, monitor, create alerts and download your data by logging to our I2OT website

Use Cases

AIQ Monitoring

Remote, Battery-powered, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Rental Property Monitoring

Extended battery life and external inputs make it ideal for remote monitoring rental real-estate

Porta-Potty Monitoring

Kick up customer service with automatic monitoring of unit service quality


Tank Monitoring

Monitor temp, level, of remote tanks for years on single battery

Portable Storage Monitoring

Offer customers a new app-based tool track and monitor their stuff in portable storage


Have questions? We have answers. If you have questions feel free to send us an email to info@iotini.com

What is I2OT? How it works?

I2OT is a fully integrated sensor solution designed for industrial IoT in mind. IoTini’s I2OT has a wide variety of sensors, wide area connectivity gateway, open API, cloud storage, mobile app access and web dashboard monitor.

Do I need to buy the entire solution from IoTini?

No! You only buy what you need. You can buy pieces of the system or the entire solution. You can use third party sensors, storage, mobile apps, etc. We believe you pay only for what you need.

Do I need an engineering degree or a PhD from MIT to use your system?

No! I2OT system was built thinking in all type of users, from hobbyist to Postdoctoral researchers from Harvard. As long as you can drag & drop and use a computer or mobile app, you're good!

What are those analog and digital universal sensors I keep reading in your webpage?

We understand that it is impossible for IoTini to design and develop every possible sensor for every user, so we came up with the idea of a "universal sensor". What it means is that you can connect any sensor (digital or analog) to our devices, configure the type of signal or digital handshake and we take care of the rest. We will read the values from the raw sensor, translate to a valid measurement and send values to storage

tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of the I2OT system. If you need additional information, please drop us a line



Cloud Storage




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